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Frequently Asked Questions

What is image data in Databricks?

data: Image data stored in a binary format. Image data is represented as a 3-dimensional array with the dimension shape (height, width, nChannels) and array values of type t specified by the mode field. The array is stored in row-major order. The Databricks display function supports displaying image data.

Why choose the Databricks Lakehouse platform?

Learn why the Databricks Lakehouse Platform is able to deliver on both data warehousing and machine learning use cases. Lakehouse combines the reliability, performance and governance of data warehouses with the openness and flexibility of data lakes.

Why Databricks SQL for data science?

With ready access to the freshest and most complete data and the power of Databricks SQL — up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses — data analysts and scientists can now quickly derive new insights.

What is datdatabricks container services?

Databricks Container Services lets you specify a Docker image when you create a cluster. Some example use cases include: Library customization: you have full control over the system libraries you want installed. Golden container environment: your Docker image is a locked down environment that will never change.

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