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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate metamask into a Dapp?

Integrate MetaMask into a DApp Introduction With the release of MetaMask’s Custom Networks API, users can be prompted to add Moonbeam’s TestNet, Moonbase Alpha. This section will take you through the process of adding a “Connect to Moonbase Alpha” button that will prompt users to connect their MetaMask account(s) to Moonbase Alpha.

How do I connect my wallet to the metamask extension?

Create an async function that will try to call the 'eth_requestAccounts' RPC method Under your onClickInstall function write/insert this code. Great! Now once you click the button the MetaMask Extension will pop up and connect your wallet.

How do I connect to a metamask site?

Click on MetaMask extension in the browser toolbar in the top-right Click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner Click on Connected sites Click the Manually connect to current site button

What happens to my tokens if I Disconnect my Dapp?

It will not revoke any token approvals that you have in place with that dapp, meaning that even if you disconnect the dapp, it may still be able to access and move your tokens. For more information on revoking approvals, see this article, or our Twitter thread . Within the Account view, click on the 3 dots button on the top right-hand corner.

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