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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between damage and damages?

As nouns the difference between damage and damages is that damage is injury or harm; the condition or measure of something not being intact while damages is (legal) the money paid or awarded to a claimant (in england), a pursuer (in scotland) or a plaintiff (in the us) in a civil action. As verbs the difference between damage and damages

What is actual damage?

In tort law, actual damages is a type of damages which refers to compensation awarded by a court in response to a loss suffered by a party. The Supreme Court held in Birsdall v. Coolidge, 93 U.S. 64 (1876) that the phrases "compensatory damages" and "actual damages" are identical.

What is a synonym for damage?

damage, harm, impairment(noun) the occurrence of a change for the worse. Synonyms: equipment casualty, hurt, scathe, terms, price, legal injury, injury, disability, handicap, constipation, damage, wrong, harm, deadening, deterioration, disablement, impairment, trauma, stultification.

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