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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EA stand for?

What Is an Enrolled Agent (EA)? An enrolled agent, or EA, is a kind of tax professional who focuses narrowly on managing tax arrangements for business or private entities. ... Consider visiting with a financial advisor before speaking with a CPA or EA, so you know exactly where you stand at the onset. Finding a qualified financial advisor doesn ...

What does EA mean in business?

EA = Expert Advisor. Those are mechanical trading systems that allow complete automation of analytical and trading activities, to be used in the metatrader4 platform. Ignored. Doblece, that was a Perfect textbook definition. . . and now the "other" one: A trading model that incorporates a software based "robot" to pull the trigger on entries ...

Was EA ever a good company?

While EA might not be all that popular with consumers right now, it turns out it’s actually a pretty good place. The company is one of three gaming organisations to make Glassdoor’s 2018 list of the 100 best places to work. In this context, the less said about Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot boxes, the better.

What games does EA make?

Well EA Sports develops the games like Madden, FIFA, NHL, SSX, etc. Also, they partially develop Need for Speed (Criterion games is also involved in that development). Everything else like The Sims, Dragon Age, Dead Space, etc., they just publish.

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