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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Daily Mail have any credibility?

Consensus has determined that the Daily Mail (including its online version, is generally unreliable, and its use as a reference is to be generally prohibited, especially when other more reliable sources exist. As a result, the Daily Mail should not be used for determining notability, nor should it be used as a source in articles.

How reliable is the Daily Mail?

The Daily Mail is not a reliable news source. They are a shock/horror paper, and routinely put out horribly biased and/or badly researched stories in order to grab attention and sell copies. The odd thing is, they don't tend to be biased in any particular direction, and will pick on absolutely anyone.

Is Daily Mail biased?

Notes: The Daily Mail is a British daily middle-market tabloid newspaper owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust and published in London. Has a strong conservative bias and has a poor track record with fact checkers.

Is the Daily Caller biased?

is BIASED. The Daily Caller is often touted as the conservative answer to Huffington Post. Indeed, the Daily Caller themselves say they are “the balance against the rest of the conventional press,” which if you can’t tell by most conservative rhetoric is left-leaning.

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