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Frequently Asked Questions

Is d1351 a preventive procedure?

Not a preventive procedure." (D1351-Sealant, per Tooth, is a preventive procedure-defined as either a chemically prepared or "enamel prep" surface.) Other codes are D2392-Resin-Based Composite, Two Surfaces, Posterior; D2393-Resin-Based Composite, Three Surfaces, Posterior; and D2394-Resin-Based Composite, Four or More Surfaces, Posterior.

Is d9230 a dental benefit?

D9230-Analgesia, Anxiolysis, Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide — (The word anxiolysis is defined as "reduction of anxiety utilizing a pharmacologic agent such as Benzodiazipine or nitrous oxide.") This code refers to anxiety-controlling drugs. It may be a covered dental benefit when reported with oral surgery procedures.

What is the ADA code for dental procedures?

The current ADA, CDT-4 code on dental procedures, which became effective in January, provides for restorative codes that do not make a distinction between primary and permanent teeth. This article from 2003 still draws in readers, but it has been updated by a coding expert. Read "Dental coding for anesthesia" from 2022.

Is a periodontal evaluation part of code d0150?

A periodontal evaluation is considered part of code D0150 when performed by a general dentist. These codes are not billable with the same date of service. This code can also be used in conjunction with periodontal maintenance visits (code D4910). This service is part of the Periodic Exam and cannot be billed together with code D0120.

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