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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Welding Inspector (CWI)?

One of the most popular options for welders looking to take the next step in their careers is the role of welding inspector. The AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification is an internationally recognized accreditation that can open the door to a highly rewarding and lucrative profession.

What does a CWI do?

CWIs have one of the busiest and most diverse careers in welding. A CWI is usually expected to handle qualification records, oversee non-destructive testing, make sure proper materials are available during tests, and much more. Morris adds, “If your job is just looking at a finished weld, then economically speaking, something is screwed up.”

What are the different types of welding inspectors?

Certifications include certified associate welding inspector (CAWI), certified welding inspector (CWI) and senior certified welding inspector (SCWI). Certifications require experience as a welder and inspector before moving on to advanced certifications. Certified welding inspectors must possess good eyesight and attention to detail.

Do welding inspectors need to be certified?

Where the duties of the welding inspector include using NDT methods such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography or ultrasonic inspection then it is suggested that he/she obtains certification in accordance with the related approval schemes.

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