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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a notion template for students?

Make sure to check out our full guide on Notion templates for students, including a detailed step-by-step tutorial for your setup! With 15+ pre-built, easy-to-use templates and beautiful anime visuals on every page, this template is as functional as it is aesthetic.

What do you use notion for?

Of course, it a good to know what your course will look like; when do you have your exams, when are the deadlines, etc. This template is really useful for it, as it provides columns for the names of the period, dates, type and topic. Notion is also a good tool to keep your budgeting, if you do not like Excel for example.

Where can I learn notion for free?

That’s where I learned all the basics of notion. A lot of YouTubers offer their notion templates for free as well. You can also read articles on Notion’s official site. Notion is free but also has a paid version. The free version is honestly more than enough for an individual.

What is notnotion template?

Notion Templates for Students: Spaced Repetition Spaced Repetition is a learning technique that is used to combat the forgetting curve by spacing out revision sessions. This Spaced Repetition template splits it into four repetitions: 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and 35 days after it was learned.

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