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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom neon?

Custom Neon is Australia's most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs. Light up your life with quality LED neon signs for home and business, personalised neon lights and name signs, custom wedding signs, and waterproof outdoor signage. Take a business logo, song lyrics, a kid's name, or even the shape of your dog, & neon-ify it!

How do I design my own neon sign?

Design your own neon sign online now. To get a neon designed online simply type in your custom text, choose a font, colour, and size. Try out as many combinations as you want on different backgrounds to give you a good idea of how it will look and how much it will cost. When you're happy, add your custom sign to the products in the cart.

Do you make Neons to order?

We make Neons to order. Whether it’s your custom creation, or one of our pre-designed items, each piece is handmade by a specialist Neon artisan, especially for you. Our Instagramable custom designed signage leave a lasting impression, whether it’s for at your office, studio, or at an expo. Let us know your event date as soon as you've purchased.

Can you make custom neon lights for your office walls?

We can help you create customised neon lights for your office walls using your company tag line, company logo, or just any other inspirational text that you want. Brighten up your office up with our high-quality and durable neon lights.

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