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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the Curry College its portal?

If you are a Curry Faculty Member, please log in via "myMenu" (upper right hand corner). For portal or other technical assistance (including password retrieval and supported browser information), please contact Curry College ITS at 617-333-2911 or [email protected]

Why choose Curry College for your student?

At Curry College, we are committed to providing you with appropriate information and support to help you help your student develop independence, knowledge and communication skills, responsibility, leadership, and life-long success.

What are the expectations of a curry portal user?

All Curry Portal users, including students, are expected to act with integrity, demonstrate responsible personal behavior, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. This expectation also applies to engagement in online communities included within the Curry College Portal.

What is mycurry and how does it work?

myCurry is your link to what's happening, your source for college news and announcements, and your starting point for access to on-line tools such as E-Mail, Blackboard and the CWIS (Curry Web Information System) resources. myCurry connects you to information you need to stay current with Curry.

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