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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Curry College for your student?

At Curry College, we are committed to providing you with appropriate information and support to help you help your student develop independence, knowledge and communication skills, responsibility, leadership, and life-long success.

Who is held accountable for unprofessional activities at Curry College?

Anyone who engages in any activity which is inconsistent with the College’s philosophy or expectations of behavior, or adversely reflects upon the good name and reputation of Curry College will be held accountable. Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

What are the expectations of a curry portal user?

All Curry Portal users, including students, are expected to act with integrity, demonstrate responsible personal behavior, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. This expectation also applies to engagement in online communities included within the Curry College Portal.

What advice would you give to current and upcoming Curry education majors?

His advice to current and upcoming Curry education majors is to take advantage of the field experiences and all of the opportunities available at the College. Police departments in culturally diverse communities need the ability to communicate effectively with crime victims.

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