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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Curry Acura a good place to buy?

I found the parts prices to be much cheaper than my local dealership all the way across the country, and with shipping, Curry Acura was STILL CHEAPER by over two hundred dollars. Would highly recommend you buy from them unless you can get elsewhere cheaper which I would very much doubt.

Where can I buy genuine Acura parts?

The luxury brand is backed by Honda's reputation for reliability and low cost of ownership. Acura Parts Warehouse is the right online store for you to get the genuine Acura parts and accessories that you need. High quality parts and discounted prices come together here.

What kind of car is an Acura?

Acura is the luxury vehicle marque of Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in the United States and Canada in March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles. The first two vehicles Acura offered initially are the Legend, a sporty luxury sedan, and the Integra, a more economical three-door...

Are the Acura step boards any good?

very good parts. the step boards are the real OEM part from Honda/Acura. Unlike some other running boards, the Acura boards have a second part you have to buy - Chrome or Black accents for your running boards. This is not Curry's fault - it's how Acura setup the part.

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