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Frequently Asked Questions

What current events are happening?

Event professionals are known to be adept in the art of the pivot, and yet the pandemic has created a whole new set of struggles for industry professionals. Luckily, the whirlwind of change and adapting to challenges at any given moment has led to new ...

What is the breaking news in America?

Years of frustration with the racial composition of the political influence industry have begun to boil over. The outcome could swing billions of dollars in payments, influence how doctors and hospitals negotiate prices with insurers and possibly affect premiums for millions of Americans.

What are current events?

While I love to escape with a good novel, especially these days, I also read a ton about current events, what's happening in politics, what's happening to the climate, what's happening in the world of technology. It will probably not shock you that is the ...

What are some current events going around?

The stock price of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) has seen a rise of around 10% over the last month, while it is up 4% over the last week. UNH stock is trading around its 52-week highs of $497 currently. A couple of weeks back the company provided guidance for 2021 and 2022.

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