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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Supreme Court wrong about religion?

But the U.S. Supreme Court's protection of institutional religion and its rules conflicts with the moral judgment of half the population and fuels more conflict than spiritual peace. True religious values center around kindness and fairness to all. Recent decisions of the court violate these values.

What is religion of sports?

Religion of Sports has created programming such as short-form video, podcasts and feature films, including flagship “Shut Up and Dribble,”​ “​Tom vs. Time,​” “​Greatness Code​” and “Man in the Arena.” Podcasts have included “Now For Tomorrow,” “Crushed,” “False Idol” and “In the Moment with David Greene.”

Who are Michael and Eric from religion of sports?

“Michael, Eric and Lauren are all uniquely talented and bring invaluable skills and networks to ROS to amplify our mission of telling stories with a distinct point of view that allow our partners to cut through the noise,” said Ameeth Sankaran, CEO of Religion of Sports, in a statement.

Is Bloom joining religion of sports?

“I was there at the beginning with Gotham when he created the DNA for this incredibly ambitious company.” Bloom said in a statement. “I’m really excited to join the Religion of Sports team as they do incredible work, and I can’t wait to help continue to build this company.”

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