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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cultural bias stand for?

Cultural bias is a form of ethnocentrism in which people from a particular ethnic background judge the outside world through a worldview based on their own cultural standards. It is different from racism in that it targets cultural differences rather than anthropological characteristics like skin color.

Can you describe your cultural bias using examples?

The concept of cultural bias is elaborated with the help of some examples. This represents an internalized inferiority complex among the people of a cultural group; they consider their own culture to be inferior to that of other cultures. The Japanese seem to be very disciplined. The Germans are known for their perfection and punctuality.

What does cultural bias mean in science?

Cultural bias. Cultural bias is interpreting and judging phenomena in terms particular to one's own culture. This is a danger in any field of knowledge that claims objectivity and universality, such as philosophy and the natural sciences. The problem of cultural bias is central to social and human sciences, such as economics, psychology,...

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