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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cubedhost a good hosting provider?

I love CubedHost, our server performance is great. When we switched hosts our server was running better on CubedHost on less RAM than our previous provider. Saved money and got better performance.

Is Prisma available on cubedhost servers?

Prisma is available with every CubedHost Minecraft server for no extra charge. Try it out and see for yourself. We can go on and on about how much you'll love our servers, but why should you take our word for it?

How do I contact cube host India?

Contact Information Email : [email protected] Technical Support: +91 7986464788 +91 9357699413 Buy SSL Certificate Copyright © 2021 Cube Host India.

What is the registration number of cube host™?

TradeMark Registration Application Number: 3649696 (Cube Host™) GST Identification Number: 06AUMPG9162D1ZL Operating Address Information: Cube Host India

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