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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Crusoe energy systems do?

Crusoe Energy Systems Inc. provides energy services. The Company offers oil and gas companies with a fast, low cost, and simple solution to natural gas flaring. Crusoe Energy Systems serves customers in the United States. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What does Crusoe do with excess natural gas?

Crusoe, which uses excess natural gas from energy operations to power data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations, has just raised $128 million in new financing from some of the top names in the venture capital industry to build out its operations — and the timing couldn’t be better.

How can Crusoe help you?

As the energy industry works to address infrastructure constraints and increasing environmental standards around flaring and emissions, Crusoe is here to help. The world's population is rising and becoming more prosperous. As a result, global demand for energy is rising.

How many data centers does Crusoe energy have?

The company now operates 40 modular data centers powered by otherwise wasted and flared natural gas throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Next year that number should expand to 100 units as Crusoe enters new markets such as Texas and New Mexico.

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