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Frequently Asked Questions

Does crown moulding add value to a home?

Crown molding is one of the less-expensive upgrades homeowners do -- at least when it comes to materials. If it is poorly done, it does nothing for your home and may even detract from the value. Installing this architectural feature correctly requires a fair understanding of geometry and slightly above-average woodworking skills.

Where to buy crown molding? has the largest selection of moldings and millwork on the web with over 6,500 products including crown molding, porch columns, column wraps, fiberglass columns, polyurethane balustrade systems, and other great finishing details & architectural trim.

What is the spring angle of crown molding?

The angle which the crown molding makes with the wall is termed the spring angle. The spring angle is typically 45 degrees for smaller mdf moldings and a lot of the solid wood moldings. With solid wood crown molding and larger mdf crown molding a spring angle of 38 degrees is often encountered.

What are the dimensions of crown molding?

Eight Feet or Lower. Ceiling crown moldings typically measure between 3 and 20 inches wide. Use your room height measurement to help determine the width of the crown molding. Install a crown molding between 3 and 5 3/4 inches wide in a room with ceilings measuring 8 feet.

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