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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the second generation of crossbreed® holsters belly band?

CrossBreed® Holsters is proud to announce the second generation of the Modular Belly Band in conjunction with I.C.E. Firearm Training Services and Rob Pincus. The redesigned CrossBreed® Holsters Belly Band incorporates an additional length of elastic band that extends over the CrossBreed® Modular Holster.

What is a crossbreed holster?

Crossbreed and I.C.E. retain the purpose of this style of holster in the sense that it doesn’t require belt loops or a sturdy gun belt. The rig is worn in the same manner as other belly bands, though this holster functions best when pushed further down on the hips.

What is a modular belly band?

The Modular Belly Band by CrossBreed Holsters is designed with movement and security in mind. The Modular Belly Band features a comfortable and reliable elastic band. The stretchable band snugs up securely to any body type or shape, offering you the perfect platform to secure your firearm.

Are belly band holsters safe?

Many belly band style holsters make it difficult to train and in fact some classes and trainers completely ban them for their inefficiency. The Modular Belly Band’s molded kydex shell makes for quick drawing and safe reholstering.

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