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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the problems of crime?

Society at large keeps a unified stance about some social problems, such as murders, theft and auto accidents caused by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Violence and drug abuse are crimes that are undesirable in the society. However, some crimes are only viewed as a problem by certain groups of people.

What is the plot summary of crime and punishment?

Plot in Crime and Punishment. The main point of action in the story comes early when Raskolnikov murders the pawnbroker. However, the plot maintains pace through a series of interviews, escapes, and confessions as the police get closer to identifying the murderer and Raskolnikov struggles to reconcile his feelings and self-perceptions.

Is crime a good thing?

Crime is a good thing. When people are killed, when people are sexually tortured and maimed, and when people have their property taken away from them, civilisation (including the notion of law and order) is undermined. And of course (tautology lurks here) society is adversely affected as well.

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