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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the creation mandate have to do with our lives?

The ongoing character of the creation mandate has a number of implications for our lives as Christians today. First, we ought always to center our endeavors around the blessing of God, who is always with us. As the title of Brother Lawrence’s book puts it, we must “practice the presence of God.

What is the creation mandate and the Great Commission?

Although sin and separation from God followed closely on the heels of this original charge, the creation mandate has been reiterated to the people of God throughout Scripture. The final and ultimate reiteration of this mandate is the Great Commission, which Jesus gave to his disciples before his ascension.

What is the cultural mandate in the Bible?

Sometimes known as the “cultural mandate,” it was originally given alongside the account of the special creation of human beings. The connection is deeply significant. God made mankind after his own image ( Gen. 1:26–27 ).

What is the mandate of Man?

The mandate has three components, each of them related. First, and often least noticed, it is given through and because of the blessing of God ( Gen. 1:28 ). Because of the divine blessing it is appropriate to call it a covenant. Its purpose is above all to fulfill mankind’s relationship with God as it was originally intended.

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