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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vodka and cranberry a girly drink?

Some people might argue that there are different degrees of “girly drinks,” and that a drink like a whiskey sour is not the same as, say, a vodka cranberry. But a whiskey sour is whiskey with lemon juice and sugar, while a vodka cranberry is vodka with cranberry juice. Lemons and cranberries are both fruit, and whiskey and vodka are both liquors.

What drink goes with cranberry juice?

Cranberry juice cocktail, sometimes called cranberry cocktail or cranberry drink, is generally sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Cranberry juices labeled “100% juice” use naturally sweet juices such as apple or grape to cut the cranberries' sourness.

Does the cranberry juice diet really work?

Cranberry juice is a part of the detox diet regimen which aids the system in flushing out toxins from the body. The bacteria continue to multiply in the body, however when the growth is excess, the body in turn has increasing toxicities. It is due to the natural cleansing properties in the body that stop working.

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