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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use covers scores and matchups pages?

Why use Covers Scores and Matchups pages? Our Scores and Matchups pages are a betting snapshot of every game happening in the NFL on the day you have selected. Each game above contains information that is important to you, the bettor, before you click into an individual matchup for a deeper analysis.

Why Covers Experts betting?

Our objective at Covers Experts is to provide you with the best available sports betting information to help you win your bets. If you wager once a year or five times a day, we are committed to meeting your needs and we’re here to help guide you to consistent profits over the long term.

What do people say about Covers Experts?

“I’ve been a Covers Experts member since September 2006. I always expect and get top of the line picks from Covers Experts. Awesome.” “I love the Covers Experts team of handicappers. I don’t make a single bet anymore without their take on a game. I love the ‘Game of the Month’ plays – I always like to go bigger on them.”

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