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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Courtney Love's father?

Hank Harrison – Courtney Love’s Father. According to his personal page, Harrison spent an idyllic childhood on Cannery Row and the beaches of Pacific Grove before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1949. He attended Hayward High School, the College of San Mateo, San Jose State and San Francisco State University.

Is happyhank the best father figure to Courtney?

Hank has also acknowledged he hasn’t been the best father figure to Courtney who according to the video below, he says to Maury, his daughter sadly grew up living in “all these different spots and that she was always very volatile” But, who is to blame, Love who was a child?

What was Courtney Harrison's relationship with her mother Linda Carroll like?

Hank and Courtney's fractious relationship mirrored that of his with her mother Linda Carroll. The pair were hanging out together and tripping on LSD when their daughter, Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964.

Are there any celebs that the CIA and MKUltra have compromised?

While most of the celebs on this list are either totally nuts, or at least half way crazy, it seems that at some point the CIA and MKUltra go for a normal person just to shake things up a tad. A case in point is Taylor Swift, who apparently has been compromised.

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