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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose counterpointe SRE?

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate (SRE) provides capital to fuel the deployment of sustainable and energy efficient infrastructure in commercial and multifamily buildings. Our commercial focus, on multi-family, industrial, medical, office and mixed use properties allows CounterpointeSRE to deploy our capital at scale and with impact.

What does Centerpoint do?

CenterPoint is a market leader in the development, redevelopment, acquisition and management of industrial real estate and transportation infrastructure to enhance business and supply chain efficiency. The company invests in major coastal and inland port logistics markets anchoring North America’s principal freight lanes.

Where are Centerpoint’s assets located?

The assets are uniquely located on the southern edge of Chicago’s mature and logistically advantaged O’Hare industrial submarket. CenterPoint Intermodal Center (CIC) – Joliet/Elwood is the largest master-planned inland port in North America.

How many regions does one centerpoint have?

One CenterPoint. Three Regions. With strategic holdings across every region of the United States, we can improve your supply chain from coast to coast. Click on a region of the map to view property and contact information.

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