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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Council of Trent?

Question: "What happened at the Council of Trent?". Answer: After the separation of the Eastern and Western churches in 1054, the holding of councils by the pope became a way to give guidance to the church, both locally and ecumenically (for the entire church), on varying ecclesiastical matters.

What did the Council of Trent do?

Council of Trent. The Council of Trent was an important church council, attended by cardinals, bishops, archbishops, and papal legates (representatives), who convened to make decisions on church doctrine and ceremony and to oppose the spread of the Protestant Reformation.

What did the Council of Trent change?

The Council of Trent and the Reform of the Church. While Church fathers at Trent clarified but did not change Catholic teachings, they did make many lasting reforms in the organization and administration of the Church. These reforms included: - Ending the practices of simony, nepotism and pluralism.

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