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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend ticoride for private and shared shuttle services in Costa Rica?

I would recommend them for any private and shared shuttle services in Costa Rica. Hi TicoRide! Wishing you all the best throughout your business operations. Pura vida! Owner of the Costa Rica Travel Blog • CEO of Pura Vida! eh? Inc.

Are there public buses in Costa Rica?

Local buses are used widely and primarily by Costa Rican residents, but a small percentage of international visitors rely on them too. If you’re looking to have an authentic travel experience or to move around Costa Rica on a tight budget, public bus rides are a good option. Despite popular belief, most buses in Costa Rica aren’t “chicken buses”.

What are the taxis in Costa Rica?

Red taxis (and orange airport taxis) are Costa Rica’s official taxi service. They operate in towns and cities throughout the country, with the exception of car-free communities like Tortuguero. Unofficial taxi services (called piratas) are unlicensed, lone drivers who offer informal and unregulated rides.

What is boat transportation in Costa Rica?

Boat transportation (sometimes called “water taxis”) are common modes of Costa Rica transportation used to travel between coastal destinations. Boats vary in structure, size, and passenger capacity. Some boats are slow-moving, have a roof to protect from the elements, and provide leisurely trips across lakes and bays.

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