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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real cost of driving per mile?

You will use these numbers to calculate your average miles per gallon as well as your gas cost per mile. Example:You drove a total of 867 miles and used 37.6 gallons of gas, which cost $100.73. Miles per gallon: 867/37.6 = 23.1 mpg. Gas cost per mile: $100.73/867 = 11.62 cents. Now you can determine the driving costs of your vehicle.

How much does a road trip cost?

The main costs on a road trip are: Food, Lodging, Gas and Entertainment. While each family will prioritize these differently, I have found that the average spend shakes down pretty simply. The average family road trip costs $107 per person per day, so the average 7 day road trip for a family of 4 will cost $2,996.

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