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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soft corner?

"soft corner" in English. soft corner noun. uk ​ /ˌsɒft ˈkɔː.nər/ us ​ /ˌsɑːft ˈkɔːr.nɚ/. have a soft corner for sb Indian English. › to feel that you like someone very much, often without knowing why.

What is the definition of a corner?

A corner is defined as a place where lines or sides join together to form an angle, or a remote or secluded place. An example of a corner is where two walls in a room come together. An example of a corner is searching an uncharted area of the earth; searching every corner of the city.

What is a box corner?

A box corner on a couch cushion is where the cushion get’s its thickness. The bigger it is, the thicker the cushion. A box corner on a pouch or bag determines how much ‘bottom’ you will have.

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