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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Hack in Cookie Clicker?

Using the Cookie Engine Tool. One of the first ways a Cookie Clicker hack can be done is to use the engine tool itself. First, go to the Cookie Engine website in order for a custom save code to be generated for you. Import this code into your game, and you are granted access to modify the games as you see fit. On the website,...

Is there an end to Cookie Clicker?

Despite there being no true ending to Cookie Clicker, many people consider beating the game as unlocking all upgrades and achievements. Over the years, DLC has added to this list, which means beating Cooke Clicker can take 100 hours or more.

Is Cookie Clicker a virus?

Cookie Clicker is completely safe. The game was reset due to you clearing your browsing cookies, which are small bits of data which are usually but not always harmless. Most likely the virus you got from the question website had something to due with a browsing cookie, hence the name.

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