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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a controller make in Canada?

Average base salary 494 salaries reported, updated at April 19, 2021 $86,693 per year The average salary for a controller is $86,693 per year in Canada.

What is a controller corticosteroid inhaler?

Corticosteroids are the mainstay of what is called “controller” or “preventer” treatment in asthma. For most people with asthma, a controller corticosteroid will be taken as a puffer (or inhaler). This delivers the medication to the lungs, right to where it is needed. Most people with asthma achieve good control with a corticosteroid inhaler.

What are controller medications used for?

Controller medications are used to treat this underyling inflammation to greatly reduce asthma symptoms and help prevent asthma attacks. Your healthcare professional will probably prescribe a controller as part of your long-term treatment plan of asthma.

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