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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you fall asleep with contacts in?

If you fall asleep in your contacts. Even though some contact lenses are FDA approved to sleep in, removing them overnight is still the safest practice. Studies have shown a 10-15 percent increase in the rate of infections in people who sleep in lenses versus people who remove their lenses at night 1.

What happens if you accidentally sleep in your contacts?

When you wear contacts, every blink against them creates a tiny abrasion. Sleeping in contacts also messes with your eyes in the long run. We blink about 3 million times a year, and when you wear contacts, every blink against them creates a tiny abrasion, Assil says.

Is it bad to sleep with your contacts in?

Ozerov says that contact lens users need to remember that a contact lens is a medical device, and requires proper care. Sleeping regularly in contacts (especially those not made for overnight wear) is just one of many mistakes contact lens wearers make that can damage their eyes.

Is it actually dangerous to sleep with contacts in?

Seriously, Sleeping In Your Contacts Is So Dangerous. When you limit its oxygen supply, the cornea can swell and tiny cracks may occur in the surface. This makes the barrier faulty, allowing microorganisms to enter and eat into the cornea.

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