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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my contacts from Google?

Your Contacts are stored in Google Contacts, which you can access in the Gmail Contact Manager. Click on Gmail at the top of your lefthand sidebar, and from the dropdown menu that appears, pick Contacts. Or you can access them directly by typing into your browser's address bar.

How do I print out Google Contacts?

Click on the 'More' menu at the top of the page while in your Contacts Manager and select 'Print.' A dialogue will appear, giving you options on what in your Contacts Manager you'd like to select to print. 3. Once you've made your desired selection, click the blue 'Print' button.

How can I import my contacts from Google?

To import your Google Contacts directly: Click the Contacts tab in the left navigation bar. Click Import Contacts And Notes in the right sidebar. (Click the Show Sidebar button if you need to open the sidebar.) Click Setup Google Integration to establish a connection to your Google account.

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