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Frequently Asked Questions

How often to renew registration in CT?

The state of Connecticut requires that you renew your vehicle registration every 2 years. If you are over the age of 65 you may elect to renew your registration each year, which will result in lower fees. The Connecticut DMV will send out a renewal notice about 60 days before your current registration is due to expire.

What is needed to register a car in CT?

To register the vehicle you must provide the following: Application for registration and certification title. Current registration certificate and certificate of title if registering a used vehicle. Bill of sale. Current Connecticut insurance card. Identification, such as driver’s license, learner’s permit, or ID card.

How do you get duplicate registration in CT?

To apply for a replacement registration in person, you'll need to visit your local Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles office and: Fill out a Request for a Duplicate Motor Vehicle Registration (Form B-341) before you go. On the form, you'll need to provide: Your license plate number.

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