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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PS5 controller connect to PC Bluetooth?

The DualSense Controller is especially for the PS5 Console, but now you can connect it with your computer with Bluetooth. But the issue is the PS5 Controller not connecting to PC Bluetooth, and here are troubleshooting methods to connect and fix the problem. The Dualsense Controller has two ways of connectivity: through USB cable and Bluetooth.

How do I connect my dualsense controller to my PS5?

To reconnect your wireless controller to your PS5 console, connect it to the console with a compatible USB cable and press the PS button on the wireless controller. You can then remove the USB and use the controller wirelessly. Need more help with your DualSense wireless controller?

How do I connect my PlayStation to my PC?

Your PC will start searching for available devices. On the DualSense, hold down the PlayStation logo button and the Share button (the small one to the left of the touchpad) until the LEDs around the touchpad begin flashing rapidly. Within a few seconds, "Wireless controller" should pop up in your Bluetooth devices list to connect to.

Why is my PS5 controller not connecting to my PC?

Furthermore, if you have difficulty connecting the PS5 controller to the PC through Bluetooth, there might be a reason that interrupts the connection to connect the devices. Like misconfiguration, that can be fixed by modifying the controller settings.

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