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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Commonwealth Bank online banking?

Imagine having your own Commonwealth Bank branch, wherever you are, whenever you need it. CB Online™ Banking offers you complete control, flexibility and convenience of 24 hour access to your financial information. The power to manage your finances online.

Where can I find BillPay in first Commonwealth Bank online banking?

Your First Commonwealth Bank BillPay is now available. To access BillPay, simply click the BillPay tab within your new Online Banking. Upon doing so, you can expect the following:

How do I set up alerts in first Commonwealth online banking?

Simply select the “Alerts” option under the Settings tab within the First Commonwealth Online Banking. For a complete listing of available alerts, contact our Engagement Center (customer service) at 800-711-BANK (2265).

How do I review an internal transfer in first Commonwealth online banking?

You can now review recurring transfers within the First Commonwealth Online Banking system by selecting the “Internal Transfer” option under the Online Banking tab. Alerts: As alerts in the Santander Online Banking system did not convert, No you will need to re-establish and create additional alerts.

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