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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my Commonwealth Bank account in Bahamas?

Keep track of all transactions, account balances, and histories for all your accounts and credit cards. Pay bills to BPL, BTC ,Water & Sewerage, Cable Bahamas and other utilities in Nassau and Freeport. Schedule one-time or recurring transfers from one eligible Commonwealth Bank account to another.

What is commoncommonwealth bank mobile banking?

Commonwealth Bank's Mobile Banking (CBL Mobile Banking) service goes everywhere you go so you can access your account information At Home. At Work. At Your Fingertips.

Why choose Commonwealth Bank online banking?

Imagine having your own Commonwealth Bank branch, wherever you are, whenever you need it. CB Online™ Banking offers you complete control, flexibility and convenience of 24 hour access to your financial information.

What can I do in the CommBank app?

Use features like Cash Flow View, Transaction Notifications and Lock Block Limit. Pay your bills, check online statements and set savings goals See your other bank accounts in the CommBank app and get a better view of your financial position

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