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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Commonwealth Bank & Trust?

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Commonwealth Bank & Trust remains locally owned and privately held. We conduct our own investment research using state-of-the-art methods and technology, complemented by access to the world’s leading economists and financial analysts.

How many branches does Commonwealth Bank have in Kentucky?

Commonwealth Bank & Trust, founded in 1881, is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and currently operates 14 retail branches across Jefferson and Shelby Counties and two branches in Northern Kentucky. For more information about Commonwealth, visit its website at

Why choose Commonwealth Bank of Louisville?

The transaction builds upon our market share in the Louisville market, as Commonwealth is the largest privately-held bank headquartered in the Louisville MSA, while also expanding our presence in Shelby County and Northern Kentucky.

Why choose Commonwealth Bank&Trust loan officer?

That’s why you’ll appreciate being treated like you have a banker in the family. While you search for the right property, your Commonwealth Bank & Trust Loan Officer can pre-qualify you for a loan – usually at the time of application. Having a financing plan in hand lets sellers know that you mean business.

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