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Frequently Asked Questions

What is central Cee's new song commitment issues?

"Commitment Issues" is the fourth single from Central Cee's mix tape "Wild West". The song was premiered on February 12, 2021, accompanied by a music video featuring popular social media influencer Kenza. In this Valentine's Day special, Cee discusses love and relationships.

How old is central Cee?

As of the release of this track, which transpired on 11 February 2021, Central Cee, who comes from West London, is 22 years old. He has not released much music beforehand but has made a name for himself nonetheless, largely on streaming platforms and sort of as an underground though talented rapper.

Does Cee really believe in love?

So the implication is sort of like this is the first time he’s been in love or found a woman he really wants to commit to. Indeed Cee even goes as far as to state that he doesn’t “believe in love”. Perhaps, as with many youth of the day, he didn’t grow up in an environment where steady monogamous relationships are the norm.

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