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Frequently Asked Questions

What are committed issues in a relationship?

Commitment issues can affect people already in long-term intimate romantic relationships. They can also apply to previously-single people just starting to date someone. At the most basic level, commitment issues mean one person is hesitant or afraid to take a relationship to the next level.

Why do I have commitment issues?

“Commitment issues are caused by fear. Fear of being suffocated, fear of being hurt, fear of settling for the wrong person, fear of missing out, etc. It can also be a result of a trauma from a bad relationship or coming from a family with unhealthy boundaries.

How can I overcome my fear of commitment?

One's fear of commitment can often be addressed and treated in therapy. A therapist can often help an individual uncover potential causes of commitment issues and explore ways to work through these issues.

Do people avoid committed relationships because of a fear of commitment?

Many individuals prefer to have connections that are short in duration and have no wish to commit to another individual romantically, and the assumption that all people who avoid committed relationships have a fear of commitment or some other issue may be harmful to some.

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