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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commander's palace in New Orleans?

Commander's Palace is an institution in New Orleans with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has been open since 1880 and is now owned by Ella Brennan (who lives next door).

Is commander's New Orleans a dated restaurant?

Commander's is clearly a dated restaurant relying on its old reputation. Eat elsewhere! WHAT THE "WOO"? My husband and I have been to Commander's on several occasions. We have never been disappointed - until now. We had friends visiting from Australia and we couldn't wait to take them to our favorite place in New Orleans.

Is commander's palace a good place for a birthday dinner?

We paid and we left. While Commander's Palace prides itself on being *the* taste of New Orleans, it sure did miss the mark with us and created a terrible birthday dinner experience. Unfortunately, the only taste it left with me was a bad one.

What is it like to walk into commander's palace?

Walking into Commander's Palace was like walking into the Titanic! From the time the Uber dropped us off to the time we exited the building, people were kind, professional, and escorting us throughout the facility. Top notch. We were seated in a loud, crowded, and fairly tight room.

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