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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is commander's palace in New Orleans?

Welcome to Commander's Palace in the historic Garden District of New Orleans. Cuisine Drinks Private Dining Media About BIOS Miss Ella Our Story Wine & Cheese Show American Cuisine and Hospitality Symposium

What makes commander's palace the best restaurant in London?

A steady parade of renowned chefs - Emeril Lagasse, Paul Prudhomme, Jamie Shannon, Tory McPhail, and now Meg Bickford - have made Commander's Palace the world-class restaurant what it is today and its leading-edge Haute Creole cuisine reflects the best of the city.

Is commander's palace a good place for a birthday dinner?

We paid and we left. While Commander's Palace prides itself on being *the* taste of New Orleans, it sure did miss the mark with us and created a terrible birthday dinner experience. Unfortunately, the only taste it left with me was a bad one.

Is commander's New Orleans a dated restaurant?

Commander's is clearly a dated restaurant relying on its old reputation. Eat elsewhere! WHAT THE "WOO"? My husband and I have been to Commander's on several occasions. We have never been disappointed - until now. We had friends visiting from Australia and we couldn't wait to take them to our favorite place in New Orleans.

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