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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies use Comenity Bank?

Comenity Bank is a co-branded credit card company for retailers such as BJ’s, Express, J.Crew, Ulta, and Wayfair. Comenity bank credit cards generally do not include any annual fees as they provide low credit limits with negligent approval requirements. This makes it a popular option for people with medium or no credit scores.

Who is Comenity Bank owned by?

This is the story of two of our credit cards: Discover Gold and Discover Silver.The term “Comenity” implies either Comenity Bank or Comenity Capital Bank, owned by Alliance Data, both of which fall under the umbrella of Comenity Bank. Who Is Associated With Comenity Bank? Are Comenity Bank And Synchrony Bank The Same?

What does Comenity Bank do?

What is Comenity Bank? Comenity Bank might not be a household name like American Express or Chase, but it’s a major credit card issuer that focuses on store credit cards. It’s currently partnering with more than 145 retailers and serving over 50 million cardholders.

What credit cards does Comenity Bank have?

Comenity Bank offers both Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Some Visa cards offered are the IKEA Credit Card or the Total Rewards Credit Card. As for MasterCard, the Westgate Resorts Credit Card and the Ann Taylor Credit Card are worth mentioning. Who is Comenity associated with? What is Comenity Bank?

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