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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the email address for Columbus State employees?

All employees are provided with a Columbus State email address to use for work purposes. Columbus State uses Outlook, which is part of Office 365. Your employee email address will follow this format: [email protected]

What is Columbus State Community College doing with used cars?

A generous gift of used vehicles from the City of Columbus to Columbus State Community College is paying dividends in the Delaware Hall Automotive Technology Lab. A nursing class (NURS 2873) has organized a virtual Health Fair, which will be held next week.

How can you contribute to the Columbus State community?

The Columbus State community is invited to contribute by donating personal hygiene and baby diapers and wipes for the Mid-Ohio Market at Columbus State and new and gently used wallets for Dress for Success. Do you have an outstanding student who embodies scholarship, leadership, and service?

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