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What happened to the boy who started the Columbia River Gorge Fire?

Inciweb/AP The teenager who threw fireworks into a canyon last year, starting a fire in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge that burned nearly 47,000 acres, has been ordered to pay $36.6 million in restitution — although the judge acknowledges that the boy won't be able to pay it in full.

How big is the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon?

As of September 27, the Eagle Creek Fire had burned 48,665 acres (197 km 2) and was 46% contained. Rainfall during previous days had significantly contained and newly downgraded the fire. The Incident Command Post was relocated from Hood River County Fairgrounds to the Best Western Columbia River Inn in Cascade Locks.

What happened to the teen who started the Eagle Creek Fire?

The teenager who started the Eagle Creek fire issued an apology Friday "to everyone in the gorge." He admitted that he was guilty of 12 misdemeanors and received 1,920 hours of community service and five years of probation.

What happened to the historic Columbia River Highway?

A six mile stretch of the Historic Columbia River Highway between Bridal Veil and Ainsworth State Park, a section providing access to many popular scenic destinations such as Multnomah Falls, remained closed until November 2018.

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