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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Dodge Colorado Springs?

The highlight of our Colorado Springs dealership is our lineup of new Dodge and Ram models, offering you plenty of options for your next ride. With classic sports cars like the Dodge Challenger and Charger and reliable commuters and SUVs like the new Durango and Journey, you'll have plenty of options.

What are the best used car dealerships in Colorado Springs?

Here at Perkins Motors, we’re proud to stand as one of the top used car dealerships in Colorado, carrying some of the best pre-owned cars Colorado Springs drivers desire. Why opt for a pre-owned vehicle over a new vehicle near Pueblo or Castle Rock?

Why buy used Jeep Grand Cherokee in Colorado Springs?

Used vehicles in Colorado Springs, such as a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, are a wonderful option that local drivers trust for all of their automotive needs. We’re one of the premier used car dealerships in Colorado.

Why buy a used Dodge?

When a brand-new car is either too expensive or doesn't seem frugal, consider a high-quality used Dodge, found here at our Colorado Springs Dodge dealership serving Fountain. We have plenty of used cars, used trucks, & used SUVs for sale, and offer a range of model years, features, and other factors worth considering.

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