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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the spigot soon be turned off on Colorado River Farms?

And after decades of receiving water from the Colorado River, the spigot could soon be turned off on many farms here, including Thelander’s. While the farmers knew this day would come, a harsh reality is setting in: To stay in business, they’ll need to pull more water from below ground.

What happens to the Colorado River during winter?

As winter fades and the snowpack melts, water drains into the mountain streams and tributaries that feed the Colorado River. The river’s vast drainage area is divided into two regions: the Upper and Lower Basin.

How much water does the Colorado River flow each year?

The Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins are each allocated 7.5 million acre-feet of water per year. Mexico also receives 1.5 million acre-feet of water annually.

What are the roots of the Colorado River crisis?

The roots of this current water crisis can be traced back nearly 100 years to the signing of the Colorado River Compact. In November of 1922, with then-Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover overseeing the deliberations, delegates from all seven Colorado River Basin states convened in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to hammer out the guidelines.

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