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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSD application?

SSD Applications. SSDs are ideal as the boot drive for desktop systems because of their performance. Using an SSD can drop boot or resume from hibernation times dramatically. SSDs are less ideal for storing large amounts of data because capacities are less than what is available for conventional HDDs.

What is the Army SSD?

The Army Structured Self Development Level 1 course, commonly called SSD1, is a prerequisite course for soldiers to attend Warrier Leader Course (WLC). Most Active Duty soldiers are expected to complete SSD1 during duty hours (yeah, right) or in their off time from work.

What is a SSD coordinator?

The SSD coordinator determines accommodations on a case-by-case basis, based on the documentation, the student’s history and specific functional limitations. Students requesting accommodations in the classroom must provide a letter prepared by SSD verifying the need for accommodations to each of their instructors.

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