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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cap on your Coleman stove fixed?

The cap was packaged new in Coleman packaging. Arrived on time in perfect condition. Its fixed, I am happy. I’d been trouble shooting a 65-year old Coleman stove acquired when my father started us on car camping. I had it all apart, replaced the generator, and tried new fuel, but it still wouldn’t light and burn smoothly.

Are Coleman stoves any good?

Anyone who uses Coleman stoves or lanterns will know that ease of ordering, value and timely delivery are all pluses. Be confident in using this product. Nice solid cap.

Should I replace the fuel tank cap?

Finally I replaced the fuel tank cap. A bit of research shows it’s a safer design and the new gasket stopped air escaping from the tank. The old stove works perfectly now.

Should I replace the fuel filler cap on my Lantern?

You should always have a new replacement fuel filler cap on your lantern and stove when using it. The original cap looks nice for display, but it should not be used to hold pressure in your appliance.

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