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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make payments to my coastal credit card account?

There are several ways to make payments to your credit card account. 1) Coastal’s Digital Banking – You can set up both recurring and one-time payments from your Coastal accounts by logging into Digital Banking through Select the Transfer Funds tab to set up or edit recurring payments.

Why choose coastal credit union?

If you’re a member, then you’re an owner. So, when the credit union wins – you win! We share in the profits with our member base. Want to know what makes our credit union better than a bank? Our rates are more competitive and our fees more cost-effective for you. At Coastal, we want you to use your lunch break for lunch.

What can you do with coastal?

Pay bills, deposit checks, transfer money and more. Savings growth with fixed, guaranteed returns. Featuring flexible terms and rate options. From low rates to rewards, get the card you want. Why Coastal?

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